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Now fine music by @DestinyReturns @wildhorserockuk @jorgfromgermany @sudler_s @KeithShawMusic @ecorsecreekorch @245rocks @bmgrocks @FarFromYourSun +44, Liers, Twin Forks and more

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More great music in the Top24!

13. Strain Your Memory by The Menzingers
12. Water for Osiris by @FarFromYourSun
11. Renaissance by @ArcticLightsC
10. Ghosts by Thundermother
9. The Hotel Detroit by @LonnieClaire

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Now fine music by @CharlesBouleva2 @KlubberM @SonicXBand @KingfisherRocks @FarFromYourSun @crooked_forest @ClareEstelle @crushingviolets Dick Von Rock, Dymytry, Rouge and more

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More fine music in the Top24!

18. Death of the Soul by Perturbator
17. Poison Kiss by @2_DISSONANCE
16. Spirit Go by Ruby Dear
15. Water for Osiris by @FarFromYourSun
14. I Remember by @theshrubs3
13. Vision Talk by Crime Of Passing

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Now on air

Hate by @WebbOfficialUK
Yours by Dynazty
The 8Fold Path by @FarFromYourSun
Forever Free by Walrus

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EP #220 | 2022 #REPLAY

@051Grin | @SilverOwlsCork | @TrainRoom | @FarFromYourSun | @BlazeProject2




#TheWelcomeShow #220 #REPLAY

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