"Far from your sun" single's cover art by Alexandre Deschaumes.
(Non commercial use)
“Far from your sun” single’s cover art by ©Alexandre Deschaumes
(Non commercial use)

Art can be universal and transcend cultures, points of view, traits and many other things. It can connect us with one another and it can make the world a lot better and a lot more meaningful for a lot of people out there. That is the core basis of Far From Your Sun.
We like to combine our music compositions with the work of talented artists who come from the worlds of photography, painting, poetry.

Blue Dream by Svetlana Bobrova
“F.A.D.” single’s cover art by ©Svetlana Bobrova
(Non commercial use)

Far From Your Sun means that we can live fulfilled and happy in the shadow of the artificial lights, far from the fads, far from a flattering, but often elusive, misleading sun.

Annabel Lee by Anne Bachelier
“Annabel Lee” single’s cover art
by ©Anne Bachelier
(Non commercial use)

The Origin of Suffering, the second Far From Your Sun album, will take you from the banks of the Nile in Ancient Egypt to the heart of the 19th century and the poems of Emily Dickinson and Oscar Wilde, from the coming of Jesus on earth to the signs of the end of the world.
Prepare yourself for a historical, spiritual, emotional and artistic journey.

“Life” single’s cover art by ©Cornproduct
(Non commercial use)

We are in this world to make you feel something. And if you allow us to, we will show you the beautiful tragedy of life through the songs and feels of what Far From Your Sun stands for.

“The eightfold path” single’s cover art by ©AbysmalDream
(Non commercial use)