"Far from your sun" single's cover art by Alexandre Deschaumes.
(Non commercial use)
“Far from your sun” single’s cover art by ©Alexandre Deschaumes
(Non commercial use)

Far From Your Sun is a project aiming to showcase current rock music compositions by bringing together the work of talented artists coming from various backgrounds such as photography, painting and writing.
Borrowing from romanticism and poetry, which can be sometimes dark or troubling, each piece is the illustration of an experience, a moment in time, where both humans and nature are the main protagonists.

Blue Dream by Svetlana Bobrova
“F.A.D.” single’s cover art by ©Svetlana Bobrova
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Far From Your Sun means that we can live fulfilled and happy in the shadow of the artificial lights, far from the fads, far from a flattering, but often elusive, misleading sun.

Annabel Lee by Anne Bachelier
“Annabel Lee” single’s cover art
by ©Anne Bachelier
(Non commercial use)

Far From Your Sun released their first album “In the beginning… was the emotion” in 2016.
Due to extra-musical factors, FFYS did not have the opportunity to present the sequel to this album.

“Life” single’s cover art by ©Cornproduct
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FFYS is happy to announce currently working on the next album, which is called “The Origin of Suffering”.
This second album will cover a very wide range of music, from rock songs to more ambient acoustics as well as tracks featuring classical orchestral instruments.

“The eightfold path” single’s cover art by ©AbysmalDream
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